Company news
Congratulations to Shanghai Guangyu Auto Air Conditioning Compressor Co.

On November 2, 2015, the meeting meeting of Shanghai Guangyu Auto Air Conditioning Compressor Co., Ltd. was held in the company conference room. The participants included the companys shareholders, the new board of directors, the new supervisory board of supervisors and company executives. Friends from all walks of life such as Everbright Securities Co., Ltd., Shanghui Certified Public Accountants, and Guangzhou Tianyi Xingji Law Firm were invited to attend.


Since then, the establishment of the company limited by shares will become a new milestone in the companys development, which also means that Shanghai Guangyu has taken a new step in the Chinese automotive air-conditioning industry. In the future, Shanghai Guangyu will create new glory in the domestic and overseas markets under the management of the new board of directors and executives, and further build and realize the dream of “Chinas national brand of automotive air-conditioning compressors”.